Are Water Enhancers Good For You?

Even though it’s important to drink enough water each and every day, sometimes getting an adequate amount of it down can be tough to do. While some people truly enjoy the clear, refreshing mouthfeel of plain water, others may need to use a water enhancer to give their water a fun punch of flavor. While adding a touch of flavor into water might seem like a great idea, some people still have concerns. Are water enhancers bad for you? It’s time to find out. 

What are Water Enhancers?

Before exploring its benefits, it’s crucial to grasp their nature. Water enhancers enrich plain water with flavor and essential nutrients, making hydration goals more enjoyable to achieve. 

Product options may include powders, concentrated drops, and liquids that users can add and easily blend into water. Water enhancers generally contain minerals, vitamins, flavors, and other nutrients, although they vary by brand. For example, 310 Hydrates by 310 Nutrition come in a variety of delicious flavors and feature an array of key vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients that help support hydration needs. 

How are Water Enhancers Used?

The great news is that it’s very easy to use. Whether liquid or powder, both types will impart a fruity, refreshing, or exotic flavor to plain water. And as we mentioned before, some water enhancers even contain added nutrients that can help bring water intake to another level. 

Many water enhancers offer various benefits like supporting electrolyte balance, hydration, digestion, blood sugar stabilization, and enhancing physical performance. Simply add them to water to adjust flavor to your preference. 

Are Water Enhancers Good for You?

The big question is, are water enhancers good for you? The fact is that, while some water enhancers on the market today are very cleanly made, others contain high levels of sugar or are laden with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. So it pays to do some research into brands and products before settling on a final choice.

In the realm of water enhancers, a general rule is: cleaner ingredients mean healthier enhancers. Among popular brands, 310 Nutrition’s 310 Hydrates features stevia as its main sweetener. 


Because organic stevia is a healthy and clean sweetener, accordingly, water enhancers with stevia contain many different benefits. Some of the benefits of organic stevia may include: 

  • Helping to control diabetes
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Helping to modulate the immune system

So in thinking about if water enhancers are bad for you, the simple answer is that they aren’t. But, truly, it depends on which brand and product one is using. 

How to Choose the Right Water Enhancer

Fresh strawberries next to a spoonful of sugar on a table.

For selecting a healthy, clean, and pure water enhancer, along with in-depth research, one should consider a few other points. Some of the most important factors to take into account while researching brands and products include: 

  1. Looking closely at nutritional labels and ingredient lists: Steer clear of brands that use artificial colors or sweeteners or that use excessive amounts of sugar. The simpler the ingredients, the better.
  2. Weighing out the product’s nutritional value: Products that contain natural sweeteners like stevia, electrolytes, and vitamins and minerals far outperform those that don’t.
  3. Reading verified customer product reviews: The thoughts and opinions of customers who have used a product can offer valuable insights into brands and their products.
  4. Investigating the brand’s reputation: Well-known brands that care about product quality and reputation should be top on the list. 
  5. Considering and comparing the product’s cost: While sticker shock can be a real thing, it’s better to pay a little more for a product when the brand is using high quality ingredients that positively contribute to consumers’ overall health and wellness.

Once the research is complete, consumers should be able to go forth and confidently select a water enhancer that’s healthy and that most closely aligns with their overall goals and needs. 

Putting it All Together

Water enhancers can add some much needed zest, nutrients, and flavor to any bottle or glass of ordinary water. Given the array of products available, people often worry if water enhancers are harmful. 

Rest assured, water enhancers are good for you. Like any new product, thorough research is essential to find a reputable brand offering clean, natural, and healthy water enhancers. 

When seeking a pure water enhancer for hydration, electrolyte balance, and nutrient infusion, choose a highly reputable brand using clean, organic ingredients. 

With that being said, water enhancers that contain stevia and other health-boosting ingredients are excellent options. Stevia not only acts as a natural sweetener, but it also comes with a host of amazing potential health benefits. 

Lastly, In addition to the health benefits, water enhancers make daily hydration effortless and enjoyable. It’s time to elevate hydration goals by adding them to routine glasses of water. 

Nikki Sambitsky
Nikki Sambitsky
Nikki Sambitsky received her BA in journalism in 2015 from Central Connecticut State University, and her MFA in creative nonfiction in 2018 from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA Graduate School. She has worked in the journalism, creative writing, and health and wellness industries for over 20 years. Nikki specializes in deeply researched articles about natural healthcare and holistic products. She excels at blogging, editing, copy editing, copywriting, and educating. When Nikki is not working, she dedicates her time, love, and energy to her husband, two children, three dogs, rabbit, plants, and fish. 

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