Amazing Grass Greens Superfood: Full Blend Review


Recently, when looking for superfood blends for myself, I came across one from Amazing Grass that claims that it contains various elements that will increase the body’s total nutrient levels. So does the Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood have the same effect as other green blends, or does it stand out as my expectation? To find out the answer, read my in-depth analysis of the Amazing Grass Greens mix, in which I share my experience on this green mix and make suggestions to help you make a decision.

Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood Highlights

According to the official website of Amazing Grass, this Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood, a super-green powder smoothie mix, comes with organic spirulina, chlorella, beetroot powder and other essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This green blend is available in a convenient 60-serving size and has three flavors, including Original, Berry and Chocolate. 

Key Features 

  • Item Form: Powder
  • Brand: Amazing Grass
  • Age range: Adults 
  • Diet:  Plant-based Vegan 
  • Flavor: Original, Berry and Chocolate

What’s Inside of it? 

Based on the labeling, this Amazing Grass Greens per 1-scoop (8g) serving comes with seven different varieties of nutrient-dense greens and two servings of fruits and vegetables. The combination also includes fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, which the manufacturer claims can help and enhance digestion. 

Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood, avocado, and strawberries on gray background

Amazing Grass Greens Superfood Rating











Dietary Fiber3g
Artificial SweetenersNo
Controversial IngredientsNo

Who Should Buy Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood?

  • Compared to other competitors, this super blend is quite affordable. So for those who are seeking more affordable superfood blends, this can be a win-win option.
  • For those seeking non-GMO, sugar-free supplements, this amazing green blend is a great pick as it is non-GMO and free from added and artificial sugars. 
  • This green blend is good for those following a vegan, gluten-free diet. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood?

While Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood is generally well-tolerated and beneficial for many individuals, there are certain groups who should exercise caution or consult with a healthcare professional before purchasing or consuming it. These include:

Those With Medical Conditions or Medications: Individuals with specific medical conditions should consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood into their diet. 

Those Who Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding: It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using any dietary supplement, including Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood, during pregnancy or while breastfeeding to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your situation.

Those With Unique Nutrient Needs: If you have specific nutrient deficiencies or require personalized supplementation due to medical reasons, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional who can assess your individual needs and guide you in making an informed decision about using Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood.

Price and Buying Options

The following price is listed on the brand’s website for Amazing Grass:

One-Time PurchaseSubscription
30 Servings$39.99 ($1.33 per serving)$31.99 ($1.06 per serving)
60 Servings$69.99 ($1.17 per serving)$55.99 ($0.93 per serving)
100 Servings$99.99 ($0.99 per serving)$79.99 ($0.80 per serving)

With a subscription or purchases of $59.99 or more, shipping is free. All goods returned within 30 days of purchase, unused and unopened, are eligible for refunds. In addition, the company might think about replacing your product once if you experience any issues with your initial purchase.

Brand Reputation 

Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood has gained a lot of positive attention in the health and wellness industries. In addition, the company claims that their grasses are grown outdoors through a cold winter, not in a tray, which allows for a deep root structure of their grass product and more nutrition. 

The Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood Experience

I obtained a container of Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood Original Flavor, ensuring it was fresh and within the expiration date.

To acclimate my taste buds, I began by mixing a small serving of the powder with water or my preferred beverage. I followed the recommended serving size provided on the packaging. 

I ordered its original flavor, which has a raw green taste. And I didnt like its taste at all. So to enhance the flavor and add more nutrients, I explored incorporating Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood into smoothies, juices, or yogurt. I experimented with different combinations and mix-ins to find my preferred taste. 

Potential Health Advantages of Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood

Ideal for Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Diets: As I mentioned before, the company claims that this greens powder is formulated with plant-based, gluten-free ingredients, which means this supplement is ideal for those who are following any plant diet or those who have allergies to gluten. 

Gives A Natural Energy Boost: According to the company, they formulated this superfood powder with various superfoods that deliver an extra boost to your day. Not only does it provide essential nutrients, but the added probiotics also support a healthy gut, helping you feel your best from the inside out.

Promotes Healthy Digestion: Lastly,  this organic, sugar-free greens blend comes with a nutritious blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidants, fiber, and pre and probiotics. A study reported that prebiotics and probiotics represent the most commonly used substances taken to sustain a healthy microbiome. 

Potential Downsides and Consideration of Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood

Like the health advantages, this amazing superfood has some potential downsides.

Digestive Sensitivity: Due to the presence of various ingredients and high fiber content, some individuals may experience digestive discomfort or bloating.  It’s advisable to start with a smaller serving size and gradually increase it to assess your tolerance.

Allergies or Sensitivities: Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood contains a variety of ingredients, including peppermint and other potential allergens

 Individuals with known allergies or sensitivities to these ingredients should exercise caution or opt for alternative products.

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood presents a practical and nutrient-rich choice to help improve your general well-being. It offers a thorough approach to nutrition with its blend of superfoods, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and probiotics.If you’re on the lookout for an affordable superfood with substantial quality, this green mix may be the ideal option for you. However, before making a final decision, check out more Superfood Reviews here.


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