Nested Naturals Super Greens Review: Real Results or Hype?


For some background on superfood greens supplements, over the past few years, these superfood powders have grown in popularity. These supplements may help cover gaps between the nutrients you get from food and what you need each day, even while they never serve as a replacement for full fruits and vegetables.

Read on to learn about my personal experience trying this particular green superfood powder and how I believe Nested Naturals Super Greens stands up to other supplements in this category below.

Nested Naturals Super Greens Highlights

Nested Super Greens is produced by Nested Naturals, a company specializing in supplements and nutrition, with a dedicated commitment to promoting all-natural, holistic well-being.

Emphasizing their values, all products from Nested Naturals are derived from plant sources, ensuring they are non-GMO and packaged in environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable materials.

The brand also prides itself on ethical sourcing practices and cruelty-free production, catering to conscientious individuals who prioritize sustainability. According to Nested Naturals, their Super Greens formulation is designed to foster a healthy digestive system and promote optimal gut health, potentially alleviating bloating.

Key Features

Item Form: Powder

Brand: Nested Naturals

Age range: Adults

Diet: Vegan

Flavor: Original and Chocolate

What’s Inside of it?

Nested Naturals Super Greens is a conscientiously marketed dietary supplement in the form of a green powder, specifically targeting the vegan and vegetarian demographic.

The manufacturers assert that their product has the potential to enhance energy levels, aid in digestion, bolster immunity, and provide additional benefits.

The formula comprises an impressive array of more than 40 green superfood powder ingredients, each batch of which undergoes rigorous testing and attains certification.

Notably, this supplement proudly holds the USDA organic certification, guarantees its non-GMO status, and is entirely suitable for those adhering to a vegan lifestyle.

Nested Naturals Super Greens on green background

Nested Naturals Super Greens Rating











Dietary Fiber2g
Artificial SweetenersNo
Controversial IngredientsNo

Who Should Buy Nested Naturals Super Greens?

Nested Naturals Super Greens is ideal for individuals looking to incorporate a convenient and nutrient-rich supplement to enhance their overall wellness. It is suitable for:

  • Those who are following vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO, lactose-free, or gluten-free diets
  • People who prefer to take a powder supplement than a capsule or caplet
  • People who can handle the natural flavor of greens powders
  • Those who want to boost their daily micronutrient intake with a powder

Who Shouldn’t Buy Nested Naturals Super Greens?

There are certain groups who should exercise caution before purchasing or consuming it. These include:

  • Individuals with specific medical conditions or that are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • People looking to substitute this drink for whole food, fruits and green veggies
  • Those who do not like the taste of greens powders

Price and Buying Options

Depending on the size of the container you choose, Nested Super Greens can cost anywhere from $0.99 and $1.06 per serving. There are two choices: a 30-serving tub and a 60-serving tub. Notably, choosing the larger container results in a lower price per serving.

The ordering process is simple regardless of whether you want to buy from Amazon or the official Nested Naturals website. You can start shopping after adding the desired item to your cart.

Both the Nested Naturals website and the Amazon platform provide the option of subscribing and saving. Keep in mind, though, that only people who buy directly from Nested Naturals are eligible to benefit from the money-back guarantee.

Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

The producer, Nested Naturals, is a morally upright Canadian business. Transparency, sustainability, and good manufacturing practices are the cornerstones of the business’s guiding principles. They have the right intentions and donate a portion of their earnings to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit organization that strives to end hunger all over the world.

The Nested Naturals Super Greens Experience

I consumed Nested Naturals Super Greens religiously every day for an entire month. Following the brand’s recommendation, I made it a habit to drink it right after waking up on an empty stomach. On some occasions, I consumed it directly by mixing the powder with water, but more often than not, I blended it into a delightful smoothie with banana and fruit juice to enhance its flavor.

The package conveniently includes a scoop for precise powder measurement and a water bottle with markings indicating the appropriate water level. With a simple shake and drink routine, preparation was a breeze. This user-friendly aspect of Nested Naturals made it a welcomed addition to my daily regimen, as it didn’t disrupt my routine or feel like a tedious chore.

Given that I don’t consume coffee or tea for the morning caffeine kick, I relied on my daily dose of Nested Naturals Super Greens to perk up my mood and sustain my energy levels. It pleasantly surprised me by delivering on its promise of an energy boost. Throughout the month, I consistently felt vibrant and invigorated.

Although there were positive aspects to consuming Nested Naturals Greens, it didn’t transform my life. The energy boosts were subtle and not overwhelmingly noticeable.

Similarly, the brand’s claims of improving gut health didn’t manifest in my personal experience. While some users reported reduced bloating and improved digestion, I didn’t observe those effects firsthand.

Another aspect that didn’t sit well with me was the taste. Admittedly, my expectations were low, but even then, the medicinal flavor was rather potent and left a slight bitter aftertaste, in my opinion. It did improve when mixed with other ingredients in a smoothie, so I opted for that method more often than not.

Potential Health Advantages of Nested Naturals Super Greens

100% Organic, Non-GMO and Vegan: According to Nested Naturals Super Greens labeling, I have found that the product has non-GMO, vegan and organic certification. That means if you are following a vegan plant-based diet and only searching for organic food, you can add this green powder to your bucket list.

May Help Body Absorb Nutrients: Due to the presence of vitamin C, iron, sodium and potassium, this superfood powder may contribute to boosting nutrition. According to the company, this super-green powder is crafted with an organic blend of fruits and vegetables, which is ground into a fine powder to give you a potent boost of micronutrients.

Supports Digestion and Reduces Bloating: According to the company, their green powder is formulated with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables that have been shown to benefit the gut microbiome and produce anti-inflammatory effects that can soothe digestion. They also claim that one daily scoopful also provides a blend of dairy-free probiotic cultures that gives you the good bacteria and enzymes your gut needs to extract maximum nutrition from your diet.

Potential Downsides and Considerations of Nested Naturals Super Greens

Like the health advantages, this amazing superfood has some drawbacks too.

3 grams of sugar per serving: This green powder contains 3 grams of sugar per serving. That means if you take two scoops, that’s 6 grams of sugar,6 grams of sugar need to take daily, which may not be ideal, especially if you’re avoiding sugar or have certain medical conditions.

Poor taste: As I have mentioned, this green powder did not taste good to me. So, if you are looking for soothing flavor and taste, then this green powder mix is not a win-win option for you.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Nested Naturals Super Greens might be a beneficial addition for those keen on ramping up their daily dose of nutrients, but it’s no complete replacement for whole food fruits and veggies. While this supplement has 3g of sugar per serving, that can start to add up if you drink this more than once per day. And I personally did not like the taste of this product, though some reviewers did.

To see how this supplement matches up to other superfood greens powders, check out additional Superfood Reviews here.


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