DrinkLyte Drink Mixes Review: Hydration or Hype?


The not-so-fun post-alcohol recovery blues have been plaguing me lately. I came onto DrinkLyte Drink Mixes in my search for some respite since they claimed to be an easy way to cure a hangover from dehydration.

I was fascinated, of course, and I made the decision to investigate it. Can I really recover from alcohol-induced dehydration with the help of these drink mixes? That’s what my in-depth analysis of DrinkLyte Drink Mixes will tell you. However, before we get started, let’s take a moment to briefly discuss the company that created these mixtures.

About the Brand

Back in the spring of 2019, DrinkLyte Co. came to life, all thanks to the passion and vision of Victoria Brodsky, a UCLA Anderson MBA Candidate and Nutritionist. She wanted to remind folks about the importance of rehydrating after a good time out, weaving it into a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

From there, they cooked up an amazing range of drink mixes that mix in electrolytes, essential minerals, and natural flavors, giving hydration a whole new twist backed by science. With their hearts set on your well-being, DrinkLyte Co. is leading the charge in the world of functional drinks.

Introduction DrinkLyte Drink Mixes

DrinkLyte introduces a dual-action recovery and rehydration system tailored for those aged 21 and above. This dynamic duo comprises MoonLyte, intended for post-alcohol wellness and consumed before sleep, and SunLyte, a morning-after ritual. Crafted with the purpose of prompting mindful rehydration following alcohol consumption, DrinkLyte aims to tackle the challenges posed by dehydration brought on by alcohol.

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DrinkLyte Drink Mixes Nutrition Breakdown

On the company’s website, it is said that the purpose of these drink mixes is to remind everyone of how important it is to stay adequately hydrated after drinking. Now, let’s examine the essential components and nutritional breakdown of the DrinkLyte Drink Mixes.

Nutrition breakdown of drinklyte product


According to the product labels, each serving of MoonLyte and SunLyte drink mixes has about 30 calories, which is rather reasonable for people watching their calorie intake. It is crucial to remember, nevertheless, that losing weight alone does not equate to good health. It’s important to monitor your total caloric intake and determine how many calories correspond with your diet goals while eating any meal or supplement.

Total Carbs

Before we dive into the total carbs section of these water enhancers, it’s worth remembering that the total calories you consume always depend on the proportion of macronutrients you’re taking in. Additionally, when it comes to water enhancers, checking the total carb content is a crucial consideration.

Based on the product labels, each serving of MoonLyte and SunLyte drink mixes contains 7g of carbs with 6g of sugar. This might look reasonable for those aiming for a well balanced diet. However, if you’re following specific low-carb diets like keto or Atkins, consuming this amount of carbs and sugar twice a day might not align well with your dietary plan. It could potentially throw off your diet regimen.

So, if you’re adhering to a restrictive diet and still want to enjoy these mixes, your best bet is to cut down on the excess carbs and sugar elsewhere in your diet. Prioritize low-carb options like berries, nuts and seeds, eggs, or avocado to help you stay on track.

Key Ingredients List

Moreover, there’s a crucial disclaimer to be aware of if you think we’ve covered everything there is to the Nutrition Breakdown for DrinkLyte Drink Mixes. Your body may respond differently to the chemicals in these water boosters because they may be unfamiliar to you.

It’s essential to become familiar with the main components of these drink mixes in order to solve these possible issues. So let’s take a closer look at these drink mixes’ component lists to see how well they fit your nutritional objectives.


Due to their utmost importance in preserving the delicate equilibrium of fluids and critical minerals in our bodies, electrolytes are crucial to proper hydration. [1] We also say adieu to these essential electrolytes when we partake in activities that result in perspiration or fluid loss. In order to maintain the integrity of our fluid equilibrium, it becomes imperative that we replace these electrolytes.

Electrolytes have a much larger function than that. For fluid transport across cell membranes, they act as the equivalent of traffic cops, making sure that our cells remain appropriately hydrated and perform at their best. These tiny heroes also assist in the transmission of nerve messages, which regulate numerous vital biological processes, including the contraction of muscles.

With important electrolytes like potassium and sodium, MoonLyte and SunLyte drink mixes can help you raise your electrolyte game. The skinny, though, is that although the potassium content of these drink mixes appears to be appropriate, the 630 mg of salt present may cause some issues.

Studies have indicated that eating a diet heavy in sodium can increase your risk of developing high blood pressure and heart disease. [2] Thus, as you start your regular intake of these drink mixes, remember not to consume too many foods high in salt in your diet as a whole.


Along with electrolytes, 2.5 mg of zinc—a crucial element having a major role in the body’s blueprint—is added to these drink mixes. Studies have indicated that taking zinc supplements on a regular basis may help boost immunity and offer your metabolism a little boost. [3][4]

Different from other of its nutrient-rich predecessors in the water enhancer market, the DrinkLyte Drink Mixes have a slightly more simplified mineral composition. Not that they’re showing off any other minerals but zinc.

Consequently, these drink mixes may require a little assistance from the mineral MVPs if you’re looking to enhance your mineral game. Consider dried fruits’ concentrated healthiness, whole carbohydrates, and lean protein from fish. You can provide your body with the balanced nutrition it needs by combining it with these meals high in minerals or you can check out micronutrients rich water enhancers.

Available Flavors

Based on the company website, both MoonLyte and SunLyte are crafted with natural flavor, whereas other water enhancers in the market come with multiple flavors.

My DrinkLyte Drink Mixes Experience Story

My journey with DrinkLyte Drink Mixes was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I was curious to put their claims to the test, so I tried both MoonLyte after a night of indulging in some drinks and SunLyte the morning after.

I have to say, there was a mixed bag of reactions. MoonLyte did seem to help in alleviating some of the post-alcohol aftermath – it was like a little recovery boost. However, I couldn’t ignore the aftertaste that lingered, which wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

On the other hand, SunLyte came in clutch the morning after. It felt like a refreshing start, helping to kick that groggy feeling away. But again, there was that aftertaste that lingered, and I couldn’t shake it off.

While the DrinkLyte Drink Mixes did live up to their promise of aiding in post-alcohol recovery, the aftertaste was a hurdle I had to overcome. It’s a trade-off – feeling better versus dealing with that lingering taste.

How to Use It?

End your night by mixing one MoonLyte with 12oz of water. Start the next day by mixing one SunLyte with 12 oz of water.

Who Should Buy?

  • Those in search of a post-alcohol wellness regimen.
  • Individuals seeking an instant energy boost.
  • People adhering to a vegan or gluten-free diet.

Who Shouldn’t Buy?

  • Those who are following a low carb diet.
  • Those who are looking for micronutrients boosting.

Possible Benefits

May be ideal for a post-alcohol wellness regimen: According to the company’s website, Its two products are designed to give you post-alcohol wellness support.

Possibly rehydrate you immediately: Based on product labeling, these products are crafted with oral rehydration solution, a specific formula that combines water, sugar, and electrolytes in a very specific ratio. ORSs may rehydrate you immediately so that you can feel better quickly.

May be ideal for vegan and gluten diets: According to product labeling, these drink mixes are ideal for vegan and gluten diets.

Potential Downsides and Considerations

Besides possible benefits, the DrinkLyte Drink Mixes have several downsides, such as:

Contains a high amount of calories: This water enhancer has a high amount of calories, which may not be suitable for those who follow a low carb diet like keto or atkins.

Has a high amount of sodium: This drink mix has a high amount of sodium, which may contribute to high blood pressure, weight gain and heart issues.

Price and Buying Options

The Party-at-Home pack comes with two MoonLyte drink mixes and two SunLyte drink mixes; customers can choose to get a pack once a month, twice a month or weekly for $8, $12, and $30 per month, respectively. Moreover, unlike other water enhancers, you can purchase DrinkLyte Drink Mixes from their website only.


Can DrinkLyte be used as an alcohol mixer or chaser?

Yes, but the company doesn’t guarantee it will have the same effect as if used on its own. Oral rehydration solutions are powerful because they follow an optimal ratio. When you change the ratio they are less effective. The company suggests that if you do choose to mix or chase with DrinkLyte, still end your night with MoonLyte and start the next day with SunLyte, to make sure you are properly rehydrated.

Can I have DrinkLyte before or while I drink alcohol?

Yes, but the company recommends drinking MoonLyte at the end of your night and SunLyte first thing the next morning.

Can I drink DrinkLyte even if I’m not drinking alcohol?

Yes, according to the company’s website, this drink mix can be enjoyed anytime.

Is DrinkLyte a supplement?

Apparently, based on the official statement, the DrinkLyte is a beverage product.

Final Thoughts

Summing up my DrinkLyte Drink Mixes journey, they indeed deliver on post-alcohol recovery and hydration. Effective for the morning-after slump. Yet, the aftertaste factor lingers – a trade-off between feeling better and a taste that stays. If recovery is top priority, DrinkLyte has you covered, but that taste might play a role in your decision. It’s a viable option, with the caveat of the lingering flavor.


  1. Walrafen, G. E. (1962). Raman spectral studies of the effects of electrolytes on water. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 36(4), 1035-1042.
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