Glucerna Original Shake Review: Get the Facts

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Lately, I’ve been scouring the market for a solid meal replacement shake because I’ve really needed something to help keep my blood sugar in check. That’s when I bumped into Glucerna Original Shake. Apparently, it’s crafted just for folks with diabetes or those of us trying to manage our sugar levels. Now, I bet you’re wondering, “Did it do the job ?” Hang tight, because I’m about to dive into all the nitty-gritty details. But first, let’s chat a bit about the folks behind this shake.

About the Brand

Nutritional shakes and bars are available from Glucerna that are designed for people with diabetes or prediabetes. Low-glycemic carbohydrates found in these vitamin-enriched meal substitutes have a softer impact on blood sugar levels. Additionally, both those with diabetes and those without it may use Glucerna’s products as weight-loss aids.

Introduction to Glucerna Original Shake

Have you heard of Glucerna’s range of products? Their Original Shake is a real standout. Imagine feeling as full as if you’ve just eaten about 1 1/2 eggs — that’s what this shake does. Plus, it’s packed with carbs that are kinder on your blood sugar. If you check out their website, they even suggest that by swapping out your usual sugary snack for this shake, you might find managing your blood sugar and diabetes a tad easier.

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Glucerna Original Shake Rating











Dietary Fiber9g
Cholesterol<5 mg
Vitamins & MineralsYes
Digestive EnzymesNo
Artificial SweetenersYes
Controversial IngredientsNo

Glucerna Original Shake Nutrition Key Ingredients

According to the company’s website, Glucerna nutrition shakes are a simple way to help manage carb intake so you can stay on track. However, keep in mind that, as some of the ingredients in this shake may be new to your body, your body may react differently to those ingredients. Let’s look at the product label for this shake, showing the main macronutrients and base ingredients below.


Every scoop of this snack replacement packs 180 calories, which is pretty reasonable for folks not on a strict diet like keto or Atkins. You see, when you’re on a strict diet, you’ve got to watch those calories. So, if you’re already doing the low-calorie thing, that means waving goodbye to any extra calorie-loaded munchies if you’re thinking about giving this shake a go.

Main Macros

According to a CNN report, Americans are cutting calories but far from eating healthy. That means while cutting down calories, you need to be sure you are taking the right amount of healthy ingredients. Let’s have a look at the Glucerna Original Shake’s amount of main macros.


Now, let’s dive into one of the heavy hitters in a balanced diet – carbohydrates. Looking at this meal replacement shake, it packs in 16g of carbs with 4g of sugar. Now, that might not jive well with the low-carb crowd. In fact, downing this much carb with sugar in the shake could throw a wrench into your diet groove and maybe even tip the scales in the wrong direction, if you’re not reigning in those other carb sources. So, if you’re sipping on this shake, it’s smart to team it up with some other low-carb champs like Green Beans Almondine, Cucumber Salad, or Grilled Vegetables. Moreover, one good thing is this shake is crafted with 4g of fiber, which may help you to maintain your digestive health. As we all know, taking fiber rich food may alter the nutritional niches in the intestine, allowing these bacteria to expand their populations. [1]


Now, let’s tackle the fat content, a real player in the macronutrient game when it comes to any diet. Checking out the Glucerna Original Shake, every serving delivers 9g of fat, with 1g in the saturated fats corner, while Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated Fats team up for 4g. This is the kind of well-rounded fat profile you’d typically want in a healthy diet playbook. However, like I mentioned earlier, nailing the right dose of the good stuff is golden when you’re navigating a diet. So, as you sip on this shake, just keep tabs on getting your dose of healthy fats spot on.


Now, let’s zoom in on the protein punch packed into this shake. It’s got 10g of protein, which falls a bit on the lighter side when you stack it up against some of those heftier protein-packed meal replacement shakes out there. So, if you’re all about pumping up those muscles or you’re deep into a gym-focused diet, it’s a smart move to team up this shake with some protein-powered sidekicks like Cottage Cheese with Fruit, Black Bean Salad, Quinoa Salad, or Egg Salad.

Key Ingredients

Let’s look more closely at the ingredients list for this nutritional shake to see if it’s crucial for your dietary plan.

Protein Blend

Taking a look at the label, the protein mix in the Glucerna Original Shake is a carefully crafted combo of Milk Protein Concentrate and Soy Protein Isolate. Both of these ingredients come from the animal kingdom, so we’re talking animal-based protein power here. When it comes to giving your muscles a nudge, animal-based protein is like a personal trainer – it’s usually better at getting those muscles growing compared to plant-based protein. Actually, the scoop is that animal protein, in general, tends to be a top pick for building lean muscle, especially in the younger crowd. [2] But, if your diet is all about the plant vibes – you know, vegan or vegetarian style – this shake might not be your perfect match.

Vitamins Minerals

To give your energy a real lift, this shake is whipped up with over 27 crucial Vitamins Minerals that really have your back in the health department. Think of it like a nutritional superhero squad. Unlike some other meal swaps, this shake brings on the big guns like Vitamin D3, Biotin, and Vitamin B12, which might just team up to help your bones, skin, and immune system feel like champions. And hold onto your hats – there’s a treasure trove of important minerals like magnesium, iron, sodium, and potassium in this snack mix, all geared up to give your body’s mineral levels a helping hand.

Available Flavor Options

Currently, the Glucerna Original Shake comes in five flavors:

  • Chocolate Caramel
  • Classic Butter Pecan
  • Creamy Strawberry
  • Homemade Vanilla
  • Rich Chocolate

My Glucerna Original Shake Experience Story

I’ve always been one to prioritize my health, especially when it comes to what I consume. With the rave about Glucerna’s products, I decided to delve into the experience of their Original Shake, specifically the rich chocolate variant. Here’s the scoop:

Firstly, I’m the kind of person who often doesn’t “feel” ravenous hunger, but let me tell you, I am always game for a treat. So, the Glucerna shake seemed like the perfect middle-ground. Tasting it for the first time, it was hard to believe this delightful chocolaty goodness was working in my favor to keep my sugars balanced. It felt more like an indulgence than a health drink!

Now, for the candid bit: while the shake is meant to make you feel full, it doesn’t always hit the mark for me. Don’t get me wrong; it curbs the appetite sometimes, but not to the extent of a full meal replacement. So, if you’re thinking of using it as a sole substitute for meals, you might want to think again.

How to Use It?

As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop with 6-7 oz of water or milk and stir, shake or blend for 30 seconds before or after workout or as a meal replacement.

Who Should Buy?

  • Those who are following a gluten free diet.
  • Those who want to increase their fiber intake
  • Those who want to increase their vitamin and mineral intake

Who Shouldn’t Buy?

  • Those who have lactose intolerance
  • Those who have sensitives in fructose and artificial sweeteners
  • Those who want to lower their sugar intake

Possible Benefits

  • Based on the Verywell report, all Glucerna products are gluten-free, which means you can use this meal substitute if you have sensitives in gluten.
  • According to the company’s website, this shake is crafted with slow-release carbohydrates to help manage blood sugar.
  • This shake contains essential vitamins and minerals which may boost your energy.

Potential Downsides and Consideration

  • Based on product labeling, this gluten-free shake has milk and soy, possibly inducing allergic reactions in some.
  • This shake contains fructose and artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium, which may cause potential health issues in people with diabetes. [3]

Price and Buying Options

On Amazon, an 8-fl-oz Bottle of Glucerna Original Shake costs $46.46. Besides Amazon, you choose other online platforms from the website to buy this product.

List of Other Products by Glucerna

Besides meal replacement shake, the company also offers a variety of nutritional healthy products like:

  • Glucerna Hunger SmartShake
  • Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shake
  • Glucerna Hunger Smart Powder
  • Glucerna 30g Protein Shake
  • Glucerna Snack
  • Glucerna Snack Bars
  • Glucerna Mini Treats


Is it OK to drink Glucerna every day?

Based on product labeling, this shake can be consumed for one meal daily. It contains fructose and artificial sweeteners, which may increase uric acid levels in the blood and lead to kidney disease, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Are Glucerna drinks for diabetics?

Based on product labeling, people without diabetes can safely consume Glucerna products. Glucerna shakes, and bars are specifically designed for people with diabetes or people trying to manage their blood sugar. Glucerna products are intended to be used under medical supervision as part of a diabetes management plan.

Can Glucerna cause high blood sugar?

According to the company’s website, Glucerna is specifically designed for people with diabetes and is available as a nutritional drink or bar. It contains slowly digested carbohydrates that are released into the bloodstream gradually. As a result, Glucerna triggers a smaller blood sugar spike.

Can I use hot water for Glucerna?

Yes. Add Glucerna powder into hot water and stir until completely dissolved.

Final Thoughts

It’s critical to have realistic expectations if you’re thinking about purchasing the Glucerna Original Shake. Even though it somewhat suppresses hunger, a typical meal’s satiation may not always be adequately replaced. In essence, think of it as a pleasant tool in your toolbox for good health rather than a comprehensive fix. As with any nutritional supplement, pay attention to your body’s needs and think about consuming the drink alongside healthy snacks or meals if necessary.


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