Hydrant Water Enhancer Review: Does It Beat Regular Water?

I’ve been feeling a bit run-down lately and figured I could use a hydration boost. While searching the internet, I found this product called Hydrant Water Enhancer. The company states that it’s packed with all these clean ingredients for better health and performance. Naturally, I was curious and decided to try it out.

Want to know if this stuff actually jazzed up my electrolyte levels like it promised? Stick around for my full review where I get into all the nitty-gritty: what’s in it, the good, the bad, and everything in between. But hey, before we jump in, let’s chat briefly about the company itself.

About the Brand

Keeping you hydrated and feeling your best is the main goal of Hydrant. Think of them as your go-to for overcoming exhaustion, accelerating recovery from workouts, or simply overcoming a hectic day.

According to their official website, they provide a variety of pleasant, quickly-mixing electrolyte powders manufactured from basic, uncomplicated ingredients. They also state that they provide a flavor and composition that will work for you whether you’re an athlete, a working parent, or just someone trying to feel more energized.

Introduction to Hydrant Water Enhancer

As mentioned, Hydrant is known for offering various quickly-mixing electrolyte powders. They offer 3 types of electrolyte-rich hydration packets that incorporate their three-pronged approach:

  • Hydrate packs (which come in a variety of flavors)
  • “Energy” packets that contain an added 100mg of caffeine and 200 mg of L-theanine
  • “Immunity” packets with 1000mg of added Vitamin C, as well as Vitamins A, B6, B12, and D

Among these three electrolyte mixes, the water enhancer that holds most of the discussion table is Hydrate packs, which claim to have up to 3-times the electrolytes and significantly less sugar than a traditional electrolyte water or sports electrolyte drink.

Based on product labeling, this drink mix has a formula containing the exact amount of each mineral to create the perfect ratio of supplements, enabling your body to hydrate quickly. So, today, I’ve opted to embark on a tasting adventure with the Hydrant Hydrate Water Enhancer.

Hydrant Water Enhancer lemon life flavor on pink blue background

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Added VitaminsNo
Artificial SweetenersNo

Hydrant Water Enhancer Nutrition Breakdown

According to the company’s website, the Hydrant Rapid Hydration Electrolyte Mix has the delectable essence of real fruit juice, which energizes the body as well as the palate. It’s also a good idea to look through this hydration mixture’s nutritional composition before consuming it. Many of the ingredients in this mixture can be foreign to your body and cause different reactions.

Let’s get into the Hydrant Hydrate nutritional breakdown and key ingredients now.

Nutrition breakdown of hydrant water enhancer


According to the product label, a single stick of Hydrant Hydrate contains 25 calories, which might strike some as a tad higher, especially if they’re on the lookout for a low-calorie drink mix to incorporate into their daily routine. In actuality, integrating this level of calories from the water enhancer, especially when combined with other calorie-dense foods, could potentially throw a wrench into your daily dietary plan and even trigger weight gain.

So, if your intention is to make the most of this drink mix without throwing your calorie balance out of whack, it’s a smart move to diligently monitor your daily caloric intake.

Total Carbs

When you’re meticulously keeping track of your caloric intake, pay attention to the significance of keeping an eye on total carbohydrates, especially when incorporating water enhancers. In the case of Hydrant electrolytes, the total carbohydrate content clocks in at 5 grams, out of which 4 grams are attributed to total sugars. This confirms that this particular drink mix carries a notable carbohydrate load.

Imbibing this level of sugar through the drink mix daily might align poorly with the objectives of individuals striving to manage their blood sugar levels, particularly if they already contend with elevated readings. So, while you savor this drink multiple times a day, it’s a good idea to watch your carb intake and consider low-carb options like Spaghetti Squash, Stuffed Mushrooms, or Eggplant Parmesan. Or you may want to look for nutritious water enhancers with less sugar or carbs. Keep reading so see some of the options worth exploring.

Key Ingredients List

After reviewing the total calories and carbs amount, we are pretty sure you want to know about key ingredients of Hydrant Hydrate Water Enhancer, right? Well, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients list of this drink mix to determine its relevance to your dietary plan.


Calculating the overall number of calories or carbs is not the only factor to consider when choosing a water enhancer. Examining the electrolyte situation is equally crucial because these substances are essential for preserving your body’s overall health. 260 mg of sodium and 200 mg of potassium make up the remarkable electrolyte blend in Hydrant Hydrate Water Enhancer. The delicate balance inside of your body receives a significant boost from this electrolyte injection.

It’s worth mentioning that adjusting salt and potassium intake in the diet could have a big impact on the health of a population in the long run. This is mainly due to the complex interplay between diet, blood pressure, and heart health[1]


This drink mix is carefully designed with essential minerals, such as 30 mg of magnesium and 2 mg of zinc, and the recommended amount of electrolytes. Your overall energy levels may be revitalized by including these essential minerals in your everyday diet.

To give you an example, adding zinc to your diet may help to strengthen your immune system, [2] and making sure you get enough magnesium may help to support the functioning of your muscles and nerves as well as the production of energy. [3]

Available Flavors

Currently, the Hydrant hydrate Water Enhancer comes in four flavors:

  • Lemon lime
  • Fruit punch
  • Blood orange
  • Watermelon

My Hydrant Water Enhancer Experience Story

So, I got my hands on the Hydrant Hydrate Lemon Lime Water Enhancer, and it’s a mixed bag. First, I’m a sucker for anything lemon-lime, which did not disappoint on the flavor front. Seriously, it’s like a little burst of summer in every sip.

Now, the mixing part? Not so smooth. For some reason, I always end up with clumps no matter how much I stir or shake. So, if you’re a texture person, consider yourself warned.

As for the energy kick, it’s real but fleeting. I’ll be in the middle of a workout or a long meeting, feel that boost and think, “Yes! This is it!” But then, it fizzles out quicker than I’d like.

All in all, it’s a good option for a quick pick-me-up, but don’t expect the energy to last for a marathon or anything. And if you can get past the clumping issue, the flavor is definitely a win. Just keep in mind the sugar may leave you with a slight energy crash after a much needed boost!

How to Use It?

Simply stir 1 Hydrant electrolyte powder hydration packet with 8 to 16 oz of cold water, depending on your taste preference, and enjoy.

Who Should Buy?

  • Those who want non caffeinated drinks.
  • Those who have sensitives in artificial flavors or colorings.
  • Those who want to boost their energy.

Who Shouldn’t Buy?

  • Those who are following a low calorie diet.
  • Those who have high blood sugar levels.

Possible Benefits

May boost instant energy: This water enhancer has an adequate amount of essential electrolytes and minerals that give an instant energy boost.

Has natural flavor: Based on the labeling, this drink mix is crafted with natural flavor and doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colorings.

Possibly give post workout support: As this drink mix contains magnesium, it may give post-workout support.

Potential Downsides and Consideration

Besides possible benefits, the Hydrant Water Enhancer has several downsides, such as:

Contains high amount of calories: This water enhancer has a high amount of calories, which may not be suitable for those who want to limit their calories or follow a low carb diet like keto or atkins.

Has a high amount of sugar: This drink mix has a high amount of sugar and is crafted with cane sugar, which may contribute to weight gain and induce blood sugar. [4][5]

Price and Buying Options

30 single serve sticks of Hydrant Hydrate Water Enhancer cost $37.49. The ordering process is simple; you can either purchase it from their official website or Amazon.


When Should I Consume Hydrant Hydration Mix?

It really depends on your preference and a bit of your lifestyle. The company recommends drinking one packet in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening to wind down for bedtime.

Is This Hydration Mix Safe for Everyone?

Based on the official website, Many of their customers enjoy Hydrant on a daily basis. While Hydrant is high in electrolytes, the brand always recommends consulting your doctor if you have any concerns.

Can I use this Rapid Hydration Mix During Exercise?

Hydrant is an excellent addition to your workout routine, helping you maintain proper hydration levels and support your performance while you sweat!

Is Rapid Hydration Mix Gluten-free?

According to the company’s website, all of its products are certified Gluten-Free!

Final Thoughts

Although the energy boost is enjoyable while it lasts, Hydrant Water Enhancer shouldn’t be used for strenuous exercise. Overall, it’s a respectable choice for an emergency hydration fix, even though it might not live up to everyone’s expectations for texture or energy staying power.


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