Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake: Hit or Miss?

Recently, when looking for keto shakes for myself, I came across one from Keto Cheesecake by Left Coast Performance that claims that it contains various functional ingredients to support the keto lifestyle. So do the Left Coast Performance Keto Meal Replacement Shakes have the same effect as other keto shakes, or do they stand out as my expectation? To find out the answer, read my in-depth analysis of the Left Coast Performance Keto Meal Replacement Shakes, in which I share my experience on this keto shake and make suggestions to help you make a decision.

About The Brand

Left Coast Performance Keto Meal Replacement Shakes is a keto meal replacement shake proudly brought to you by Left Coast Performance, a renowned health and wellness company. This Canadian-based company emphasizes producing supplements that come with premium, clean-label ingredients. Besides Keto Cheesecake, Left Coast Performance is offered other keto and low-carb products, including Keto Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake, Collagen and Bone Broth.

Introduction To Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake

Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake contains MCT Powder from real coconuts, Type I & III Collagen Peptide Powder that is made in the US, real cream cheese powder, coconut oil powder and lipase, a digestive enzyme that aids in breaking down fat. The company’s website claims that this Keto Cheesecake Shake was meticulously created to ensure that the macronutrients correspond to a ketogenic diet.

Let’s look more closely at the components of the Keto Cheesecake Shake and how they might help to increase ketone levels.

Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake on blue pink background

Left Coast Keto Shake Rating











Sugar 1g
Dietary Fiber4g
Artificial SweetenersYes
Controversial IngredientsNo

Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake Nutrition Breakdown

Let’s look at the product label for this Keto Cheesecake Shake, showing the main macronutrients and key ingredients below.

First, let’s take a closer look at the total calories and the main key macronutrients essential for a keto diet and how this keto shake can induce your ketosis process in your body, along with your overarching health and weight loss goals.


Counting daily calories is the most important thing, whatever the diet you currently follow. Why? Well, calories are proportionally connected with a balanced weight. The 2 scoops in this keto smoothie have 260 calories per serving, which is quite a high number for the keto diet when compared to the many other keto choices available on the market.


The most crucial macronutrient you should pay special attention to when tracking calories is carbohydrates. In the keto diet, a person needs to take low-carb intake, which may induce help to lose weight and improve metabolism. Moreover, this keto shake has 8g of carbs with 2 grams of sugar, which is quite high compared to others. So you must count your total carbs to take this keto shake.


In addition to carbs, fat is another macronutrient you need to consider while using this keto shake. Generally, popular ketogenic resources suggest an average of 70-80% fat from total daily calories, 5-10% carbohydrate, and 10-20% protein. For a 2000-calorie diet, this translates to about 165 grams fat, 40 grams of carbohydrates, and 75 grams of protein. Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake has 23g of Total Fat, where Saturated Fat is 18g, and Trans Fat is 0g. Though the amount of total fat is decent, the amount of Saturated Fat is quite high, which may contribute to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk.


Now, let’s talk about another crucial macronutrient: protein. Proteins are macromolecular polypeptides with significant nutritional value, directly involved in essential life processes. When following the keto diet, it’s important to increase your protein intake, especially if you’re aiming to lose weight. This keto shake contains a total of 7g of protein, which is relatively lower compared to other options. Therefore, it’s essential to factor in the total protein and carb intake when including this keto shake in your diet.

Key Ingredients List

After learning about the macronutrient breakdown of the Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake, I assume you’re curious to learn more about the list of its main ingredients. Check out the list of ingredients for this shake in depth below.

Protein Mix

Based on product labeling, this cheesecake shake contains lipase enzymes in a protein mix. A study reported that lipase is a specific type of protein that is involved in the breakdown of lipids (fats). Lipase enzymes help to hydrolyze triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol, aiding in the digestion and absorption of dietary fats.

Fat Mix

In addition to Protein Mix, this keto shake comes with various Fats, Including coconut oil powder and MCT oil powder. It was reported that supplementation of Coconut oil had been shown to have the potential to protect against heart disease and a wide variety of chronic health problems. Whereas consumption of MCT oil can be incorporated into a weight loss program without fear of adversely affecting metabolic risk factors

Collagen Mix

As a backup to ensure you get enough collagen, the Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake contains grass fed collagen peptide powder. It was reported that Collagen peptide supplementation (COL), in conjunction with exercise may be beneficial for the management of degenerative bone and joint disorders.

Available Flavors In Left Coast Performance Keto Meal Replacement Shakes

Currently, the Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake has limited flavor options: Cheesecake, while the regular keto meal replacement shake, comes in more flavor options.

My Experience With Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake

My experience with the Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake has been hit or miss since I recently made the decision to add it to my daily regimen. Let me discuss both the good and bad things I learned along the journey. I first tried this with one scoop of Cheesecake Powder and one scoop of Isopure Strawberries and Cream in order to up my protein. I blended it with ice, and it tasted like strawberry cheesecake. The next time I made pancakes with one scoop of each and 2 eggs and baking powder, water and a splash of half and half.

I have to admit that this ready-to-drink keto meal replacement shake’s ease is a game-changer for someone like me who is constantly on the go. The issue I’ve encountered is that after the initial time I had it as a shake, I can no longer enjoy it in shake form. Every time I’ve tried to have this as a shake, I felt bloated and gassy and had to belch to relieve the pressure in my belly. Additionally, it offered a lesser degree of satiety and satisfaction than a substantial lunch. I found that it was more effective as a snack or as a portable choice when I wanted a quick and practical source of nutrients.

How To Use Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake

Add 1-2 scoops to your favorite keto-friendly beverage, such as almond milk or water. The company recommended using 10-16oz of liquid per scoop. For best results, use a blender or a shake bottle.

Potential Adverse Reactions To Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake

Your immune system may need a few days to adjust to many of the ingredients in this keto smoothie. Besides that, some ingredients in this keto shake can induce a reaction in your body. For example, this keto smoothie contains MCT oil, which may cause bloating, gas, and nausea. It also contains milk. So, consuming this keto shake may cause sensitivity in lactose intolerant people.

Price And Where To Buy Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake

32oz of Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake cost $46.99 on the website. However, this website does not currently provide a membership option. Moreover, the ordering process is easy whether you prefer to purchase from the official Left Coast Performance website or Amazon.

Final Thoughts On Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake

So, the question remains: should you give Left Coast Performance Keto Cheesecake Shake a try? The decision is ultimately up to you because each person will have a different level of success with a supplement. In my view, this keto shake proves fitting for those seeking to amp up their daily keto diet with a nutritional boost. However, if you’re in search of a comprehensive keto meal replacement supplement, it may be wise to explore alternative options instead of this cheesecake keto shake. Consider your own health goals and priorities before making a decision. And before making a final decision, check out more Keto Supplement Reviews here.

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