MIO Water Enhancer Review: Hydration Hack?

Maintaining optimal bodily functions and optimal physical state necessitates drinking plenty of water. Yet what’s the truth? I completely understand; plain water isn’t the most fascinating beverage and may occasionally be really boring. Thus, similar to you, I’ve been searching for methods to increase its enjoyment and, consequently, increase my water consumption.

I found MiO, a well-known water enhancer, during my search; it claims to flavor your water without adding calories or more sugar. That has now caught my attention! To be honest, though, does it truly live up to the hype? So stay tuned as I delve into the components of MiO and discuss how they might affect our health. Now let’s discover and satisfy our curiosity!

About The Brand

MiO, produced by the esteemed Kraft Heinz food company, is a liquid water enhancer that carries a unique backstory. The word “mio” holds significance as it can be translated from Spanish or Italian to convey the notion of “mine.”

According to the brand’s philosophy, this reflects the empowering concept that consumers have the ability to transform their water into whatever they desire. Proudly touted as a pioneering innovation in the field, MiO stands as a trailblazing water enhancer unlike any other.

What Is MiO Water Enhancer?

MiO Liquid Water Enhancers, commonly referred to as MiO, encompass a renowned brand of water enhancers designed to elevate water consumption by infusing it with concentrated liquid flavors. These remarkable enhancers effectively transform plain water into a delectably flavored beverage.

Notably, MiO is committed to offering a sugar-free formulation, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence in refreshing, flavored hydration. With an impressive array of flavors available across its four distinct product lines, today, I’ve opted to embark on a tasting adventure with the original MiO water enhancer.

Mio fruit punch on pink background

MiO Water Enhancer Rating











Added VitaminsNo
Artificial SweetenersYes

MiO Water Enhancer Nutrition Breakdown

Just one quick squeeze of the MiO Water Enhancer bottle promises to deliver an explosion of flavor, all while keeping your calorie count at zero. This convenient 1.62 fluid-ounce bottle is perfectly designed to fit snugly in your purse, bag, or glove box, making it effortlessly convenient for mixing on the go.

Let’s look at the product label for this water enhancer, showing the main macronutrients and base ingredients below.

Nutrition facts and ingredients of MIO water enhancer.


When taking into account hydration multiples, calorie counting is essential since it enables you to make educated choices regarding the drinks you consume. Although drinking water is the main component of being hydrated, many people look for flavored or enhanced drinks to liven up their hydration routine. However, it’s crucial to be aware that some of these choices can be rich in calories, which might affect your daily calorie intake and cause unintended weight gain.

On the bright side, based on the product labeling, this particular water enhancer drink is calorie-free, alleviating concerns about excess calories and weight gain. You can indulge in it without worrying that you’ll miss your calorie targets. Consider serving this water enhancer with a low-calorie side dish like oats, Greek yogurt, or other high-protein and high-fiber meals to get the most health benefits. While limiting your overall calorie intake, these additions can provide you more energy.

Total carbs

Less than 1g of carbohydrates and no sugar are contained in this calorie-free water booster. It’s very obvious why the product’s creators called it MIO Water Enhancer and declared it to be calorie-free, which is quite decent for those who follow low caloric or restrictive diets. However, reports suggest that not all carb is bad for health. [1] In fact, while drinking this hydration mix, you may want to add complex carbs like broccoli, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats, quinoa, and whole grain pasta to your diet may help you maintain your overall health.

Key Ingredients List

Now that we’ve covered the macronutrient overview of MIO Water Enhancer, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients list of this drink mix to determine its relevance to your dietary plan.


This calorie-free drink’s electrolyte content comprises a whopping 30 mg of sodium and 0 mg of potassium. While that may sound good to those dealing with electrolyte imbalance or living an active lifestyle, it may not be the best choice for those with high blood pressure.

Here’s why: health experts generally recommend keeping daily sodium intake below 2,300 mg or 2.3 g, which is roughly one teaspoon of salt. [2] Sticking to this limit can help keep conditions like high blood pressure at bay. Furthermore, as I previously mentioned, this drink mix is devoid of potassium, which may potentially disrupt the electrolyte balance in your body. So, if you’re sipping on this water enhancer, you might want to scale back on the extra salt and prioritize more low-sodium sides and electrolytes smoothies to maintain electrolyte balance.

Think along the lines of eggs and egg substitutes, low-sodium peanut butter, and dry peas and beans. Alternatively, you have the option to incorporate other noteworthy water enhancers into your dietary routine that contain lower levels of electrolytes, minimizing the potential impact on your blood pressure.

Available Flavor Options

Right now, MIO Original Water Enhancer comes in ten different flavors:

  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Fruit Punch
  • Lemonade
  • Berry Grape
  • Berry Pomegranate
  • Cranberry Raspberry
  • Sweet Tea
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Mango Peach
  • Cherry Blackberry

My Experience With MIO Original Water Enhancer

As I mentioned earlier, this water enhancer offers a wide range of flavors to choose from. Among the enticing options available, I decided to give the lemonade flavor a try because I have a fondness for tangy tastes. Moreover, my experience with MIO has been a mixed bag, with some notable details worth mentioning.

On one hand, I appreciate that it somewhat boosts my fluid intake. As someone who struggles with drinking plain water, this product has been helpful in making hydration more enjoyable. The ability to add a burst of lemonade flavor to my water has encouraged me to increase my daily water intake. This is especially convenient when I’m on the go or in situations where flavored beverages are not readily available.

However, it’s important to note that while MIO Original Lemonade Water Enhancer enhances the taste of water, it doesn’t provide any actual energy boost. So, if you’re looking for a beverage that will give you an energizing kick, this product won’t fulfill that need. It’s purely a flavor enhancer designed to make drinking water more appealing.

In terms of taste, MIO Original Lemonade Water Enhancer offers a decent lemonade flavor. It adds a tangy and slightly sweet note to the water, creating a refreshing drink. However, it’s worth mentioning that the taste can come across as somewhat artificial and overly sweet. It doesn’t quite capture the natural and fresh taste of homemade lemonade, which can be a bit disappointing for those seeking an authentic flavor experience.

How to Use It?

No refrigeration is required for this water enhancer. To ensure optimal quality, it is recommended to use it within one month of opening. For an 8 fl. oz. serving, simply give it a single squeeze. It’s worth noting that a little MiO goes a long way, so it’s always advisable to dilute it for the best taste experience.

Who Should Buy It?

  • People who wish to drink calorie-free drinks or beverages.
  • Those who currently have diabetes or high blood sugar as these water enhancers don’t have sugar.

Who Shouldn’t Buy It?

  • Those who have sensitivity to food dyes and preservatives as this water enhancer has both food dyes and preservatives.
  • For those who have high blood pressure as this calorie-free drink mix has a high amount of sodium.

Potential Health Benefits

May enhance fluid intake: Sweet and aromatic flavors of this MiO water enhancer make drinking water more palatable and may enhance fluid uptake.

Zero Fat and Zero Sugar: MiO is sugar-free and calorie-free, making it an ideal water enhancer of choice for diabetics and for consumers avoiding weight gain through sugary drinks.

Possible Downsides Consideration

Contains preservatives: This drink mix uses propylene glycol as a preservative. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labels propylene glycol as a safe preservative, but excessive intake of the ingredient may cause kidney and liver failure.

Has food dyes: Based on the product labeling, this drink mix has controversial food dyes like Yellow #5. A report suggests that this food dye has been linked to lymphomas and tumor growth. [3]

Price and Buying Options

You can conveniently find MiO Original water enhancer at your local supermarket grocery stores. If you prefer online shopping, you have the option to purchase directly from makeitmio.com or through Amazon.com.

To locate a nearby retailer, simply utilize the location search feature on makeitmio.com, ensuring easy access to this water enhancer. MiO Original water enhancer offers different pricing options depending on the online platform you choose. Here is a breakdown of the cost:

Amazon$3.18 for 1 count
TARGET$4.99 for 1 count
Albertsons$3.49 for 1 count

List of Other Products by MIO

Besides originals, MiO comes in three product lines, such as:

MiO Vitamins: These water enhancers are formulated with essential vitamins like B3, B6 and B12 and come in three different flavors: Orange Tangerine, Orchard Apple, and Orange Vanilla.

MiO Sports: This sports water enhancer is formulated with electrolytes and B vitamins and comes in four different flavors: Berry Blast, Arctic Grape, Lemon Lime, and Orange.

MiO Energy: This Energy water enhancer has caffeine and comes in six flavors: Wicked Blue Citrus, Black Cherry, Tropical Fusion, Green Thunder, Strawberry Pineapple Smash, Acai Berry Storm.


Is MiO Kosher?

Yes, all MiO flavors are certified Kosher.

Does MiO contain caffeine?

MiO Original, MiO Vitamins and MiO Electrolytes are all caffeine-free. But when you need to give yourself some go while on the go, MiO Energy flavors can provide just the right amount of caffeine.

Is it safe for children to drink MiO?

It’s always wise to check with your children’s pediatrician for medical advice, but the ingredients in MiO are recognized as safe for the general population, children included. However, since kids are already crazy and MiO Energy contains caffeine, we’d advise against children consuming it.

Is it ok to drink straight from the container?

No. MiO must be diluted. It is a highly concentrated liquid for use in flavoring water.

Final Thoughts

All in all, If you’re solely looking for a way to enhance your hydration without expecting an energy boost and are comfortable with the use of artificial sweeteners, the MiO Water Enhancer might be worth a try. However, if you’re seeking both flavor and an energy kick or prefer more natural taste experiences, you may want to explore other options. It’s also important to look for hydration boosters that have ingredients that support electrolyte replacement, such as sodium, potassium and others that help quench your thirst.


  1. Greiner, D. S. (2005). Good Carbs, Bad Carbs: An Indispensable Guide to Eating the Right Carbs for Losing Weight and Optimum Health. Family Community Health, 28(1), 100-101.
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