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Within every product category, there are options. And options can be stressful.

We are a dedicated team of health professionals bringing particular passion and expertise for specific wellness categories you’ll find on this site.

What sets us apart from other sites is authenticity. We only review products for which we have extensive knowledge, bringing you relevant insights to help you make more informed, timely decisions that work best for you.

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Gina Wangrycht is a seasoned freelance editor/proofreader and writer with 21 years of experience working in the communication field for a variety of different industries, including healthcare, insurance, education, retail technology, and non-profit.

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Nikki Sambitsky received her BA in journalism in 2015 from Central Connecticut State University, and her MFA in creative nonfiction in 2018 from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA Graduate School. She has worked in the journalism, creative writing, and health and wellness industries for over 20 years. Nikki specializes in deeply researched articles about natural healthcare and holistic products. She excels at blogging, editing, copy editing, copywriting, and educating. When Nikki is not working, she dedicates her time, love, and energy to her husband, two children, three dogs, rabbit, plants, and fish.